Friday, December 23, 2011

Project Runway All-Stars

As a true Project Runway fan, I'm so excited for the All-Stars season, premiering January 5, 2012.  Fan favorites and the drama-causing contestants from past seasons are back for another chance to win Project Runway.  I have my picks for the final 3, but you never know who will be in or out on the runway in January!

Austin Scarlett is one of my favorites from season 1.  I loved it when he would put on makeup and curl his hair.  When he was on Runway the first time around, he was criticized for his feminine couture fantasy looks.  He said he would always be himself no matter what the judges said.  But seriously... mustache or makeup, I think he needs to pick one!


Mondo Guerra was robbed out of the win in season 8.  One of the biggest outrages in reality TV history, I'm still furious Gretchen won.  But Mondo is back, and I'm predicting he'll be in the top 3!

Sweet P made it to the top 5 on season 4, and I loved her mini-collection on the All-Star special in 2009.  I think she was always an underdog, I'm looking forward to her collection for this season.

Other contestants include Rami Kashou, Kara Janx, and crazyo Kenley Collins.  I can't wait!  Remember to watch on Lifetime January 8, 2012!

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